Obama’s Lousy Political Advisors

This post is not about moral agonizing over Syria. It is not about the soul-searching I believe President Obama or his advisors did before deciding to support a limited armed strike against Syria’s dictator, Bashar Assad. It is simply an observation about the political advising the president gets. And I can’t help but conclude he got some pretty lousy advice on this one. Continue reading


Author Please!

I’ve been dwelling a lot lately about authorship for a while now. At first, I became interested in the context of literary theory which I by no means am really qualified to do, but it quickly expanded in scope. I guess I’m wondering what you all think? Is the author dead? Good riddance to ‘em or a sad, sad wake? Or, is the author alive and well, now more than ever, with it being the most important aspect in the literary and non-literary world? I see it going in two directions at once. Continue reading