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Our contributors:

devin – I study economics, particularly urban econ, macro, and trade. I also love history, though not enough to read primary sources. My undergrad is in film studies, and my post-bachelor’s work was in wine. I like good coffee and riding my bicycle.

Patrick R. Potyondy – Presently, I study at OSU as a PhD candidate in US History, but I blog here when I don’t want to dissertate. I live with my lovely life-partner and our neurotic dog Ari.  Whenever I can make time I also like to play soccer, and I will not tolerate disparaging remarks concerning The Arsenal. You can find me on twitter @prpotyondy.

Rajeev Ravisankar – I work at Ohio State and I’m a part-time grad student in public policy.  In my spare time, I try to write articles on various social and political issues for Street Speech newspaper and  Also, I enjoy playing and watching basketball, tennis, and soccer (go Blackpool!).

Graham Stinnett – My “training” has garnished a master of arts degree in Archival Studies and a bachelor of arts in Latin American History from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg Canada.  As an expatriate US’er, my academic mantra has been to denounce US hegemony and the modern nation-state.  My graduate work sought to yield both theory and praxis so as to get off one’s pontificating ass, garnishing mixed results.  Homebrewing beer is my current hobby, and I support Barca.

J. Brendan – I’m a recent MA graduate of Ohio State’s Women’s Studies Program.  I watch music videos and write papers/blogs about them, or, alternately, I theorize about black women’s pleasure and the intersections between sex and love in queer theory, critical race theory and Black feminist thought.  I spend a lot of time drinking tea, reading books and avoiding PhD applications.  I also blog here and here.