Why the American Experience Intro Makes Me Cry…Every…Time

At this point I’m tired of it, just plain tired.  It’s been exhausting to even belly up to something as bereft of emotion as Minnesotan settler migration to Alaska, or The Amish.  Is having an “american experience” now more about struggling with these fractures of identity in the span of forty seconds, than waiting an hour to see how the Minnesotans decided it wasn’t really for them and eventually move back?  As a history student…nay, Historian, I have established my textbook and life experience understanding of what American identity is woven with, but this, this is something I am unable to unpack. Continue reading


Occupy: Awakening from…

Two and a half months in and looking as formidable as any party con-demonstration.  The movement to bring corporate opportunism (polite way of saying ‘kicking ass at capitalism’) to justice, which began in the streets of the Western financial district of Wall Street, has been invigorated by global solidarity.  The buzz queries around the corporate media began and have remained as follows: “What are your demands?” “What are your solutions?” “How long will you stay?”.  All of these questions can be summed up with a cohesive question “What have you done?”

To quickly move past these reductive questions from a colluding media, here is Zizek to do some human mic’ing, so i can move on to what i am really wanting to get at. Continue reading

A Fascist Returns to Football

Perhaps, dear reader, you are mildly informed on the subject of European football and are possibly saying “oh, one more fascist?”  Absolutely!  The tropings of modern football have so far failed to reduce the combination of hetero-working-class-white-male culture into the politically correct anti-racist anti-fascist we all want them to be.  My liberal heart bled dry, a new found thirst for reason and accountability in the free market – pumping on fumes.  But this time, there’s a real bad egg back in the game.  This full fledged purveyor of “italian heritage”, Paolo Di Canio, was recently appointed head boss of freshly relegated League 2 side Swindon Town. Continue reading

Book Review

Although I have not completely read the book I am about to speak on, I feel motivated by the material at the moment and would like to walk through it.  In Thomas Frank’s What’s the Matter with Kansas?:How Conservatives Won the Hearts of America (New York; Metropolitan Books, 2004)  he critiques the historically dramatic shift in Kansas politics from fringe left, dating back to statehood, to the fringe right of the neo-conservative 21st century.  Let me start by saying that my family is from central Kansas.  Historically the blue-collar manufacturing and farming region of the state, as most of the arable (or soon to be) land is in this oft mythologized heartland.   For this reason,  I have been particularly compelled to read this book to help in answering a few of my own questions about just what is the matter with Kansas.   Continue reading

Internationalism, take one.

Whats the opposite of recent? far back? near-distant past? Lets just say a relative period in time which resounds prominently in my memory.  A weekend in Toronto, a foray into identity theft, and a tag-along romp through War of 1812 chest puffing. There I was, walking the clean streets of Canada’s preeminent Western cultural capital.  The earth concrete, the stores read team USA and the faces are all shades of colonial.   Continue reading