Women’s Health, Texas-Style

From the NY Times:

Texas enacted a similar tiered system and also sliced its two-year family planning budget from $111 million to $38 million, cuts that the nonpartisan state Legislative Budget Board estimated would eliminate services for nearly 284,000 women, lead to 20,500 additional births and cost Medicaid about $230 million. The board had recommended expanding family planning as a way of saving money. Now, the Medicaid-financed Women’s Health Program is in jeopardy.

Texas signed regulations prohibiting clinics affiliated with groups that provide abortions from receiving funds, even though the clinics do not perform abortions themselves. The federal government says excluding qualified providers in this way is illegal, requiring it to withhold $35 million — about 90 percent of the program’s financing — if the regulations, which take effect on Wednesday, are not rescinded. That would effectively end the program, increasing the number of women without services to about 400,000.

Texas–home of low taxes and small government–has finally found a cause that it’s willing to raise spending for. Sadly, they are only willing to raise spending if it means that poor women are less able to access healthcare–not more able, like a sane place, or even a place that wanted to balance the budget. This cutting off one’s nose to spite someone else’s face.

One thought on “Women’s Health, Texas-Style

  1. All the more important since it seems that Texas is setting the rules for national politics–a seemingly perfect Blend for Republicans: small government, big oil, juncture of expanding Sunbelt and the West, rural with suburban sprawl, tough mythology of a frontier and cowboys and manliness. What’s not to love?!

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