Far Away

With simplicity and honesty, Marsha Ambrosius says so much more than so many other campaigns against bullying.  Unlike Katy Perry she doesn’t give us fireworks for attractive white gay men, unlike Ke$ha she isn’t defiant.  Rather, she tells a simple story about love between two black men and the violence that hatred can do in so many forms.  She shows the toxic ways that hegemonic masculinity polices its borders and the ways in which friendship can be tainted by confusion, disgust, hate.

She doesn’t tell us the city is the best place, she doesn’t say it gets better, she doesn’t offer us homilies, she says, get help.  She says accept difference.  She says and shows something simultaneously simple and much richer than so many of the campaigns that have sprung up in recent months.  I got chills and almost cried.

Pass it on.

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